It’s been few days Kim Seokjin has come back from his military service but still want to share this how epic welcomed Seokjin received through his fan.

The whole South Korea had turned into Seokjin land. The social media changed into trend to Daddy’s Home.

It’s was not Just Army but Namjoom also said in his story.

Before Jin came Armys were making meme saying when Seokjin will come back he’ll get back all army from Jungkook’s delulu mode, where here Army trending for Seokjin as “Daddy’s home” trend. I bet Jin must be saying in his underneath. “His army is brat”

After coming back with in few hours Jin went Live on Weverse. He went live even without changing his clothes, in his military uniform he went live for his army as he promised before.

And in next day he hugged over 1000 armies also give performance on his song Super tuna, Astronaut, Moon.

He also danced on Jungkook’s song “Seven”

How he prepared all the choreography? How he managed to do all this just jn 24 hours.
That’s why we call them legend.
Bts paved the way.


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