What is Army, who gave this name, what Army does?

Army is a Devoted Fandom. It is the acronym for “Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth”. It is the strongest fanbase in the world. BTS & Army have very special relationship. BTS have a most loyal and lovely fanbase which called Army and ARMY have BTS who treat them like family. Both known for their passionate & unconditional love towards to each other. Fandom name basically means that fans will always be together with BTS.

Not everyone knows that Bighit Entertainment created the name ARMY for BTS fanclub after a month of BTS first album released BTS also wanted to named their fans ARMY . Basically BTS means “Bangtan Sonyeodan” or Bulletproof Boys Scouts” and ARMY is like a shield. Their names are on a same theme where boys are bulletproof and they have their Army for protection.

On Every July 9, BTS Army celebrate the “BTS ARMY DAY”. Army and BTS have been together since 2013. In the beginning it was a small family but you all know that the family grows like a plant and now that plant turn into a tree and then in a forest and don’t know how far it will go. This huge family have unconditional love and trust who can rely on each other. Army never gonna left BTS and that’s what a shield do.

How strong BTS and Army Relation?

BTS loves Army so much that shows by their actions, BTS dedicate their every song to their lovely Army. They share a passionate bond we can say that love and passion of army towards BTS is the key of BTS for their dancing and singing. Once Jungkook write in his post card “dancing and singing in front of Army is the reason I exist”. Hey BTS you are the reason of army existence. Their relation is like the red thread of fate that has been tied them together for the rest of their life. Army is possessive about BTS but they also support their personal life. They respect their privacy and also want them to date. They don’t have any problem if BTS dating because they all know this will gonna happen one day and for army all that matter is BTS happiness.

What Army do for their idols?

Army is very passionate about BTS and protective too whenever haters or anyone attack to boys then army always fully prepared of this they defend boys at any cost. But in my opinion I would suggest you to not focus on haters they only want attention what army give them and one more thing sometimes some possessive army become annoying that’s also the reason of haters to hate BTS army. Don’t be gross on BTS members sometimes your comments made other annoyed. Don’t take me wrong I am just telling the facts.

But their is also the army who always make their bias birthday special. Twitter, Instagram, facebook or other social media sites they celebrate their birthdays in different ways. Like On Namjoon’s 25th birthday army planted a number of trees in Seoul, Korea to make their bias birthday special as he is a nature lover. They made 18 different types of hashtags and trend it on Twitter to make RM birthday memorable. Not just for RM army always plan something special for every BTS member.

Once a passionate army directly tweeted to NASA yes NASA! and asked them to give Moon to Seokjin and surprisingly NASA replied that tweet and said “Moon already belongs to everyone even for Seokjin”. Moon is the solo track of Kim Seokjin in BTS album MOTS:7 because of that army calls him MOON. While BTS do charities so how come army wouldn’t do that, they also do charities when BTS donated US$1 million Black Lives Matter Army matched the amount in next 24 hours for donation. In India BTS Army raised over 5 lakhs for Assam Flood Relief Fund. There are many projects on which army working they use twitter or other social media platform for gather army for helping in charity.

Army and BTS have quote: