Out of BTS Albums BTS Leader RM has many solos and collaborations with International and Korean Artist which every new found ARMY must listen. He is the only one who has this much solos and collaborations. Apart from his outstanding rapping skills his writing skills is way awesome then we thought. His songs heal you, cure your loneliness and your anxiety like his mixtape MONO’s song “Moonchild’ which shows how to deal with your loneliness and pain. It emphasizes the beauty in accepting the pain. So I highly recommend you to listen his solos and collaborations too to know him more.

“Rush” (2015)- RM & Krizz Kaliko

“ProMeTheUs” (2015)- Yankie’s Mixtape (feat. RM, Dok2, Juvie Train, Double K, Topbob, Don MillsRM)

“Fantastic” (2015)- RM (feat. Mandy Ventrice)

“BuckuBucku” (2015)- MFBTY (feat. EE, RM, Dino-J)

“PDD- Please Don’t Die” (2015)- RM & Warren G

“U” (2015)- Primary (feat. Kwon Jin Ah, RM)

“Gajah” (2017)- Gaeko (feat. RM)

“Change” (2017)- RM & Wale

“Champion (Remix)” (2017)- RM & Fall Out Boy

“Crying Over You” (2019)- HONNE (feat. RM & BEKA)

“Old Time Road” (2019)- Lil Nas (feat. RM)

“Winter Flower” (2020)- Younha (feat. RM)

“RM” (2015)- RM’s Mixtape
1. Voice (목소리)
2. Do You
3. Awakening (각성 / 覺醒)
4. Monster
5. Throw Away (버려)
6. Joke (농담)
7. God Rap
8. Rush feat. Krizz Kaliko
9. Life 
10. Drift (표류)
11. I Believe

“MONO” (2018)- RM’s Mixtape
1. Tokyo
2. Seoul (Prod. HONNE)
3. Moonchild
4. Badbye
5. Uhgood
6. Everythingoes (feat NELL)
7. Forever Rain

1. “Adult Child” (2013): RM (feat Suga & Jin) 
2. “Monterlude” ( Cover of Interlude of “2 cool 4 skool” 2014): RM
3. “RM Cypher Ruff” (2014): RM
4. “Unpack Your Bags” (2014): RM [Prod. DJ Soulscape]
5. “I Know” (Unplugged Ver. “Young Forever” 2016): RM & Jungkook
6. “Always” (2017): RM
7. “Trouble” (2017): RM (feat. Jin)
8. “Ddaeng’ (2018): RM (feat. Suga & Jhope)


Mr. Worldwide Handsome has collabs with his own bandmates. He has not collaborated with International artist yet or have not any mixtape but who knows when he will give surprise to army. As for any new found army should listen his solos and other BTS album songs because it shows clearly that why he is the vocalist of BTS. His silver voice always be stable even in his high notes. A point to considerate is that his lows could be better but his lows are good for a Tenor. Seokjin is the one who improved the most those who understimate Jin alot must listen his crystal clear voice in his songs.

“Definitely You” (Hwarang 2016):Kim Taehyung and Kim Seokjin

“So Far Away” (2017): Suga/Agust D(feat. Jin, Jungkook & Suran)

“Abyss” (2020): Kim Seokjin


Suga is well known for his rapping and song writing. He has been producing music since his 13. So you can understand how songster he is. This BTS rapper produce many songs out of BTS too and his Mixtape “Agust D” and “Agust D D-2” shows his skils superbly. Apart from this, his collaborations with other artist shows his major in song production. Suga is a heart-throb for millions of music lovers and million people die of his sharp “Tung Technology”. He was truly born to work in the music industry. Every Yoongi lover should listen his iconic songs.

“Wine” (2017): SURAN (feat. Changmo) [Prod. SUGA]

“Song Request” (2019): Lee SuRa (feat. Suga)

“Eternal Sunshine” (2019): Epik High [Prod. Suga]

“We Don’t Talk Together” (2019): Heize (feat. Giriboy) [Prod. Suga]

“Eight” (2020): IU (Prod. & feat. Suga)

“Suga’s Interlude” (2020): Suga & Halsey

“Blueberry Eyes” (2020): Max (feat. Suga)

“Agust D” (2016)- Suga’s Mixtape
1. Intro: Dt sugA (Ft. DJ Friz) 
2. Agust D
3. Give It to Me
4. Skit
5. 724148 (치리사일사팔)
6. 140503 At Dawn (140503 새벽에)
7. The Last (마지막)
8. Tony Montana (Feat. Yankie)
9. Interlude : Dream, Reality 
10. So Far Away (feat. Jungkook, Jin & Suran)

“Agust D- D-2” (2020)- Suga’s Mixtape
1. Moonlight 
2. Daechwita
4. Strange (이상하지 않은가) (feat. RM)
5. 28 (Feat NiiHWA) 
6. BURN IT (Feat MAX
7. People
9. DEAR MY FRIEND’ (Feat Kim Jong Wan) 
10. Honsool


Mr. Sunshine writes many songs of BTS and he has his Mixtape “Hopeworld” too. But about his collabs with other artist he said he feels nervous about this. Woo this extra ordinary person can feel nervous too. But we all hope from Jhope to collaborate with other artists soon in future. He had once collaborated with “Becky G” for his song “Chicken Noodle Soup” which was a sensational. He is one of the best dancer in the Rap game. He is popular among BTS Army for his smooth moves and his rapping. His world class dancing skills and his rapping skills made his mark on the world with his work in BTS.

“Chicken Noodle Soup” (2019): Jhope (feat. Becky G)

“Hopeworld” (2018): Jhope’s Mixtape
1. Hope World
2. P.O.P (Piece Of Peace), Pt.1
3. Daydream (백일몽)
4. Base Line
5. 항상 (HANGSANG) Feat. Supreme Boi
6. Airplane
7. Blue Side (Outro) 


Other then his own bandmates Park Jimin a.k.a Army’s Mochi has not collaborated with other artist yet but perhaps he will in future because he has received many requests from other artist. Jimin has many solos like “Filter of MOTS-7”, “Lie of Wings”, “Serendipity of LY 承 Her” and collabs too. Out of BTS albums, his songs like “Promise” and “Christmas Love” can make your heart melt with his Angelic voice. He has such a soft voice. Especially in lower range his voice is so smooth and gentle. Army knows about his singing skills but for new Army I suggest you to listen his these solos.

“Promise (약속)” (2018): Park Jimin

“Christmas Love” (2020): Park Jimin


Kim Taehyung a.k.a V is the only member in BTS who has a Baritone voice and the only vocal who is not a tenor. He has such a stable and rich voice which gives his songs high pitch. He has collaborated with other BTS members till now. He has some of very good and classic collaborations & solos which makes you fall for his husky and deep voice. These solos and collaborations are enough to know him better. For a new found Army I would highly recommend you to first listen his these solos and collaborations and I’m sure after this you gonna add them on your BTS Playlist.

“Even If I Die, It’s You” (“Hwarang” OST 2016): Kim Taehyung & Kim Seokjin

“4’o Clock” (2017): Kim Taehyung & RM

“Scenery” (2019): Kim Taehyung

“Winter Bear” (2019): Kim Taehyung

“Sweet Night” (“Itaewon Class” OST 2020): Kim Taehyung

“Snow Flower” (2020): Kim Taehyung (feat. Peakboy)


Jungkook is the main vocalist and sub rapper of BTS who has unique, stable and energetic voice. He is brilliant in lower, middle and higher notes. He is a special type of vocalist who creates his own definition of “good singing”. His songs tells how talented and amazing singer he is. His every song will melt your heart. His voice is so warm and comforting that you feel a warm affection with him. His solos and covers list is this much that I can’t put all them here. So there are some of his solos out of BTS albums. When you will listen his songs you will know why he has the title “GOLDEN MAKNAE”.

“Decalcomania” (2019): Jungkook (Demo song)

“Who” (2020): Lauv (feat Jimin & Jungkook)

“Still With You” (2020): Jungkook (Prod. by Pdogg)