Annyeonghaseyo We are ARMY.

Hello we are Indian BTS Army and this is our BTS Blog where we want to connect you more to BTS through our posts. We are army like you and this is our little effort to let other know about BTS by heart. Here you will know them back to front and also the people they value the most their devoted army. So support our this little effort and help us to raise high comment your ideas, suggestions too and also our pros and cons. Borahae to All.


We created this “BTS ENCYCLOPEDIA” to let BTS fans know more about BTS and also for non BTS fans to know them about how amazing these stars are. There we manage to give you all the information and facts about BTS and will give you more info about their journey from got 300 fan to million billion army over the world. Here we’ll talk about there personal to professional life and ofc about army too. If we talk about BTS and Army so there is a relatable thing with them is “Fan Fiction” (FF), we love to give you FF stories so “Enjoy The Beauty Of Imagination” with this. And why we named it “BTS ENCYLOPEDIA” you will know when you join us. Our purpose is to paint your heart with purple color of BTS 💜. So come to our purple world where we all are awesome and young forever.

“Be yourself, Love yourself and speak yourself because only you will stand by you at last”