Stage Name: Jhope

Real Name: Jung Ho-seok (정호석)

Position: Lead Rapper, Main Dancer

Birth Day: February 18, 1994

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Birth Place: Gwangju

Height: 177 cm (5’10”)

Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs0

Blood Type: A

Family: Parents, Older sister

Hobbies: Listening music and Window shopping

J-hope’s Spotify List: J-hope’s Jam


  • Jhope was born in Gwangju, South Korea.
  • Education: “Gwangjo Global High School” now he is doing MBA from “Hangyang Univertsity”.
  • He is third member who join “Bighit” company.
  • He likes Melodramatics movies and he remembers watching a lot of DVDs when was a kid because his father likes movies.
  • His role models are A$AP Rocky, j.Cole, Beenzino, G-Dragon.
  • Before debut, jhope hated doing “aeygo” but latter on changed his mind.
  • His favorite number is 7 and favorite color is Green.
  • Hoseok chose the name “Jhope” as his stage because he wants to be a source of light hope to his fans.
  • Other members said that Jhope’s nature as like as mother he always nag members to clean the rooms.
  • Jhope like it when someone stroke his hair, he says that it helps to sleep.
  • Jhope doesn’t like someone hitting his head.
  • His favorite movie is “South paw’.
  • Hoseok visit the Fancafe when he has time because he likes to know what going on in the fandom.
  • Before debut Jhope was a part of a street dance crew called “NEURON”.
  • While Hoseok was underground dancer his name was “smile Hoyo” because he always smile while dancing.
  • Jhope dreamed of becoming a professional tennis player during his elementary school he used to be a tennis player in school and even won a bronze medal among three teams.
  • Whenever Jhope have any problem he takes advice with RM or Suga.
  • Things he want to steal from other teammates are Jimin’s chocolate, abs and Rm’s rap, skill, and his good English.
  • Jhope’s idol date: “I love the sea, I would like to walk down to the beach nd holds hands and laugh”.
  • Jhope have a dog named Mickey (Breed- Shih Tzu) who lives with jhope family. He is a adorable male dog.
  • He really loves hamburger and sprite.
  • His favorite part of his body is his eyes.
  • Jhope didn’t attend his High school graduation because they were busy preparing for their debut.
  • Jhope had a girlfriend at the past but left for another man (regret now gurrl).
  • Jhope Hollywood crush is “Amanda Seyfried“.
  • On 2nd march 2018 his first solo mixtape “Hope world” with title track “Day dream”.
  • Jhope ideal girlfriend is someone who loves to read, take care of others and would have amazing cooking skills. He wants that his future girlfriend support him and only look at him and think all the time.
  • He was quite famous in the “Gwangju” underground when he was young.
  • Although Bighit Entertainment was a small company in past but Jhope was already a well known dancer.