Sleeveles Hoseok and Taehyung shorts for jungkook and Namjoon ? undeniable fashion from jimin and yoongi =BTS going High fashion is legitly unexpected

BTS known as their High sense of fashion and bring hidden message and BTS Butter teaser the fully androgynous fashion they also making efforts to Breaking down the image of FASHION STEREOTYPES and TOXIC MASCULINITY and HOMOPHOBES Their fashion for this concept is way Beyond.

BTS Jimin stick with his ” king of fashion” After the Necklace from teaser photo Butter was sold out it is not first time that happened Jimin has the power to make thing charming and this Necklace cost around$920 (inr 67,359.78) but the Necklace is sold out shortly after teaser released.

Kim Taehyung with the sunglasses and hat he looks stood out This man has audacity to take fashion to the next level Kim Taehyung looks soo good with all those accessories the white outfit and hat he literally looks good in any style this is why he called fashion king.

Fashion dreamer D, famous japanese instagram influencer commented on jin’s Butter teaser photo 2 on instagram

“The whole fashion is out of the box everything looks good on Kim seokjin in any type of style design world wide handsome always keep his handsomeness”.

Suga in the big puffy sleeve abd all black leather outfit his visual are remarkably stunned😳.

RM breaking all the barrier of the fashion on fluent in his outfit and his buff body and thighs looks awesome Armys have get clean bold on his looks and pink hair.

Jungkook with black leather jacket and bowl of popcorn on his hand he spreading his charisma and his purple hair make him more sassy beauty.

Jung Hoseok with sleevless black top and pancakes on his hand he looks dreamy and unrealistic with his blond hair.

The fashion may be unique and out there but they are slay into this I think Butter Era really gonna remember for their extravagant and style.

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