7 Fates Chakho: BTS release their new Webtoon and its inspired by Joseon Dynasty’s Tiger – Hunters officers who known as Chakhogapasa (Hangul) in webtoon BTS 7 Fates Chakho the Beom slayers in Korea beom word use to tiger or bear.

Chakho is the story which inspired by Joseon Dynasty about the seven destinies it’s inspired by Korean folktales about tiger or bear (which called beam in Korea) during the Joseon Dynasty .

Now the story is an urban fantasy set in a futuristic dystopian world in a city called Sin-si which is over run by criminals & Beoms. BTS are a mix of humans & mythical beings bound together by Fate. There are seven character for our seven bangtan boys


Jungkook as ZEHA

Is half tiger, half human and has a tiger power fighting against beoms alongside with his team a mythical hybrid creature of half human half tiger, who joins the boys to hunt the Beoms, but cannot reveal he’s half Beom because of obvious reasons, uses his tiger senses to hunt them & fight the criminals.

Jimin as HARU

A rock that guarded the gate of the beom then became a human and has the qualities of a master. Immortal being, Guard Rock turned non-human, mystical creature, is a master at mystic arts & is magical (I think Suga probably more happy if he will be Rock 😁😁)


Human (afa we know), can fall in love with other species (so could be supernatural which is revealed later), falls for a Beom & later comes to fight them.

Suga as CEIN

Human (afa we know) almost murdered by Beoms, is traumatized & changes because of it, comes together to fight the Beoms.


Jhope as HOSU

Supernatural being (his eyes glow golden at some point), kidnapped by Beoms, learnt to survive in enemy’s lair discovering his non-human side.

Jin as HWAN

Human (afa we know) a happy go lucky son, pro archer, out to avenge his family who were murdered by Beoms.


Human (afa we know) Crime expert/Detective, good with all kinds of firearms, works alone, doesn’t trust easily forms a bond with the rest.

7 Fates Chakho official story and webtoon and how you describe this masterpiece ? The story of the seven Hunters that has been been waiting long time finally come today prepare yourself and your heart to embark on thrilling.

Chakho Story Glimpse:

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