Remember when James Corden described BTS presence “unusual” and armys are made 15 year old girl?

He gently mocked to UN for inviting BTS to the UN headquarters in New York but this went on a big fire when he refer BTS Army world biggest fanbase “15 year girl”.

It’s just a triggering point for BTS Army and all our world this comment was enough provoking for Armys on twitter the BTS Armys were ready to black leash to James Corden. They said “We thought you are best friend of BTS and Armys but not you are just like other who want focus of their fans”
and the memes and trolls was around on twitter.

BTS Armys were angry at that point some of army said that James Corden should delete “Papa Mochi” in his bio.

We know he is comedian or it’s not that he insulted BTS but he could do choose right words to describe the thing. I would say James Corden could have structured his words better shouldn’t he? he doesn’t need to size Army to just 15-year old girls. He can say Army/fans.

  • Is it unusual for diplomats to attend the UNGA? Specially if they have been invited before to speak. Or was it unusual just cuz they also added a performance this time that was requested by the UN? A lot of people felt inspired & empowered by it.
  • But that’s not the end Army’s all over the world took this comment into heart and pride and the Twitter filled death threats of James Corden and bashing on him.
  • Army’s have right to show their anger but death threats is too much.
  • Perhaps James Corden said that in a comic way but it’s inappropriate and he apologized to BTS.

And The memes around like there are lots of fan boys who also get offended by calling only BTS has 15 yrs old fangirl fandom.

But in last “Late Late Show” of James Corden with BTS. RM asked him “Are you alright having hot water with Armys” and there he narrated what he meant before.

  • BTS appreciate James Corden apology over inappropriate joke.
  • RM said to James Corden we appreciate your apology.
  •  Jimin gave James Corden an emotional hug after he apologized for his remarks about BTSARMY.

Army said :Thoughts on James Corden drama

But the problem is here that joking aside it’s not that the every fandom has 15 year old girls their are diversity in the fandom and that’s the beauty of this fandom.

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