Do you know BTS if you know that means you are army if you are old army I think you know all about BTS but if you are new army or baby army then do you know In the past suga suffering from Depression.

We all know Suga is belongs to a poor family but he loves music a lot but his parents wants him to become a civil officer and live a normal life that’s why his family always against his passion because they think music and kpop is very big world and they don’t want to Yoongi spend his life to do this but his brother believe him he worked hard to achieve his dream he did part time job to sustain his expenses and make music in reality Suga wants to be producer because he love to make music. He sell his music 1 or 2 dollar some times got scammed. Although he’s now millionaire but there was a time when he had to live of 2 dollar a day.

He worked and tried to make money by selling his music but often people wouldn’t buy it’

He worked an unpaid part time gig at a recording studio so he had to choose between eating noodles and taking the bus back home if he took food that means he had too go back home by walking which took him two hours.

But his parents doesn’t want him to do that and they throw his music lyrics paper. While he was a trainee under the bighit he do part time job as a delivery boy he had to earn money then one day an unfortunate incident happened he got into an accident while delivering on. He got serious injury on his shoulder but he didn’t tell about it to anyone because he was scared if he tell he got fired but his parent was ignoring him which break his heart and he got into depression his depression reached his level that one day he commit sucide. He get into bathroom and ate lots of medicine he thought he already died but all he know is he was lying of the floor then his behaviour change and bighit decided to sent him psychiatrist. His parents come to Seoul throughout he treatment but he kept saying ” I don’t ever know myself so how can you know about me” (why this suits our character) after a long treatment when he went to therapist he asked if he has attemped sucide and he immediately said yes. His mental heath get fine and bighit decided that they will bear Yoongi’s expenses and he debut with BTS and now he’s a superstar on his ownself there is no word to describe him he self made with his team and he make his parents proud him. now he’s happiest person think what