As we all know BTS has the strongest and the biggest fanbase in the world. This extremely dedicated fanbase known as “BTSARMY” and the outstanding global success which BTS have is partly credited to their Devoted Army too as always BTS give credit to them.

BTS give privilege to Army this much so as you can say they both are incomplete without each other. They dedicate their every song to their lovely Army. BTS and Army both celebrate “BTSARMY DAY” on July 9 and they even treat them like family.

Hey guys we are taking about BTS Army not military army so don’t get confuse whose first time about knowing them. BTS is a very successful kpop band and a Global sensation but every successful person have someone’s hand of support and for BTS that is Army. I know now you thinking what’s the difference every big artist have fans support so what so different about BTS Army so there is a difference and that is, their loyal love for them. Army is the biggest fandom and their power is unimaginable. They are not a fandom who just support their idols they are the type of fans who do good deeds like BTS do, they do charity and even on their idols birthday Army always do something different like if you remember on recent hobi’s bday what Russian army did, and how can we forget about a army want “NASA” to give Moon to Jin there are so many things and about donations like the Army raised US$1 million amount for Black Lives Matter matched amount what BTS donate. Recently BTS Army raised 20 lakhs for covid-19 victims in India. That only a short description about it you can read more on BTS ARMY here .

Now you tell how Army called as toxic, does people like this can be toxic or stupid? I don’t think so and yes I do agree some of them are toxic but not every finger is same just for some you can’t count the whole. And about being possessive so they are not possessive they are supportive like every fandom if anyone bad mouthing about their idols they will defend them and it’s normal but Army counted as toxic if they do that. So please know the difference between supportive and possessive. We will talk about toxic army in our next post. And it won’t be wrong if I say that BTS protect army most so that is our duty to protect them.

credit to the right owner of this picture but we loved it

Thanks for reading please be save in this corona high period maybe your life is not that valuable for you but you’re your loved ones smile. So keep them smiling and be save and help our corona warriors by any ways what you have. Thankyou


avenue17 · July 19, 2023 at 4:23 PM

Where you so for a long time were gone?

    admin · July 20, 2023 at 6:12 PM

    Here 🙋‍♀️

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