Jungkook unveiled a surprising new dance cover of ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter’ dancer Jo Nain’s choreography. On February 4, Jungkook revealed a video of himself dancing to Teyana Taylor’s “Bare Wit Me” on Instagram.

Who is “Nain”?

Nain is 19 year old Army she is being Army since elementary school her bias is Jungkook and she even bought lots of BTS album so she could meet them she featured in ‘Street Dance Girl Fighter’ and talented dancer.

 Jungkook previously gained attention for submitting a response to Jo Nain’s Q&A session on Instagram, when she had asked her followers for suggestions for her new YouTube channel name.

Jungkook suggest her have good Nain (word play)

JUNGKOOK being so humble and so supportive to other artist . Nain has on her bio on Instagram the ht: #nainchoreography and Jungkook used that too on his tag dance cover with Nain’s choreography.👇

Nain is a lucky girl but this is also true that her hard work and talent made her that lucky.


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