Hello army surly you all are streaming “Permission to dance” without any hassle and also army also curious about other dancers nd actors who are in MV specially the girl who played waitress roll in the MV.

Army might knows who are those three kids in uniform in MV. They are the Bighits Trainee might they will debut soon and the other one who got the spotlight is the waitress. In starting of MV she holds a pancake dish which also indicated their MV “Butter”.

This girl name is “Leah Kim Thompson”, she is a TV presenter model and actress in Seoul ,Korea under SAA(Sublime Artist Agency). She is the daughter of a Korean mother and Caucasian father. the girl who born May 29, 1994 sharing the same age with our leader RM and our hope Jhope .

She first appearance was on 2006, at the age of 12 starring in a Korean entertainment show called “Star Golden Bell”.

She later transitioned into modeling and acting, appearing in Magazines such as “Maxim” and “Schon”, and has been become known as a cast member in Saturday Night Live Korea. Since 2015 Thompson has hosted multiple TV and radio and Hip-Hop.

Thompson hopes to focus more on her acting career, traveling from Korea to the United states, to showcase her talent. Shows including Arirang’s Touch Q. She is also known for interviewing celebrities such as “Will Smith” and “Jessica Alba” for the Korean Entertainment News Show, 연예가중계. Currently, she is a resident DJ at Arirang Radio’s 8-10 pm show, “Sound K,” which focuses on K-pop, R&B

She posted her dance practice video of “Permission to dance” on the Instagram.

And that’s how army appreciate her. They were curious about her and they like her at first place and some compared her with the BTS [TinyTan Animation] Girl and yeah she really remind us about her.

Thanks For reading our post. Stay with us we will post more about BTS. Be healthy, be safe and yes don’t forgot to believe in yourself and Love yourself coz only you can change your future.


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