13, Oct 2021 Today is our Park Jimin’s birthday Just look how cutely he grownup nd with his cuteness.

We hope he’s doing well and he’s happy and healthy his 8 birthday as group member of BTS let’s rewind some years and bring some memories of past year “2014”  when BTS member give Jimin birthday letter and write their by heart  of love

Starting with Yoongi hand written letter for Jimin (yes our lil meow meow is warm person)

Suga’  it’s suga’ hyung always give as warm and heart melting feelings

“My affection to you has grown and it will grow more”

(I cry😭 and people say yoongi is cold person huh)

Jin’s hand written letter:

You know hyung loves you ,right? : Jin hyung” nim “

Hobi birthday letter for Jimin

RM ‘s stylish hyung  letter for jimin

“To jimin who want to be cool।”

Taehyung’s letter to Jimin

“The way he sleeps..I’m so soft for this “

Translation for Tae’s letter

He’s shirt less or iam shameless 🤓

 Jungkook letter for his jiminshii hyung

And I want to know did he buy meal 😑

This are wonderful memories of past which we want to share with Army’s 💜💜
Jimin is kind hearted angel person who is never forget to showing his gratitude towards army and his brothers & family

Once again happy birthday to our kind hearted angel Park Jimin I hope which path you choose you become successful on that you are a true example of strong mentality, person who never give up

And For Army remember that “We are all on different parts of the world. I hope you all are doing well but if things are not ok even in the slightest. Remember there is a Person in Seoul who understand u”<3


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