4 December it’s a day when a shiny moon arrive in this world. It’s our World Wide Handsome “Moon Jin” aka Kim Seok-jin birthday he’s now 29 year but age doesn’t seem any reaction on him. He’s just getting more handsome and cute day by day.

How Army wishes him:-

Army gives a heartwarming surprise to BTS Jin, Their fans planned surprise and even share with Twitter about plan which they will be putting moon covers on Army bombs or cellphone lights to turn the SoFi Stadium into a sea of moons as the singer is popularly called as ‘Lil Moon’ by them because of his song “MOON”. And after that they sang happy birthday song for him and BTS also sang with army. This made Jin surprised and he become emotional and say army is his love.

And and day not end The BTS Army sings “Happy Birthday” for Jin at iHeart radio Jingle Ball LA 2021 and he got cake too.

And how can we forgot that our jin has habit to gives surprise army also he gives supertuna song in bangtantv and his cute dance and song melt billion of Armys heart and Armys are hoping for this song get top 1 on billboard chart 😂😂

India has special day today because its first time Indian BTS armies put L.E.D Birthday Ad for Jin’s Birthday in support of the metropolitan city of India ,Mumbai at the Kurla Phoenix Mall.

So In the end of his b’day Jin got surprise gift and Army too by each other. That’s what we say BTS & ARMY relationship.

Thanks For reading our post. Borahae to all.


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