Grammy is over but BTS is still in highlight not just because of their performance or nomination just their appearance in Red carpet has made fans go crazy for them. BTS made Grammy night more lite either they haven’t won their second nominated but they win over their Armys heart and stunned other celebs to their charm and talent.

What was the highlight of Grammy- BTS might not have win the second Grammy award but the joy they share with their Armys fan at the Grammy their smooth like butter performance, V moment with Olivia ,Jin injured hand, V spotted smoking backstage and Armys are angry to take his photo without his consent, not Frist time as Asian BTS get trolled again, BTS got most focused celebrity in the among celebrities, Taehyung being social butterfly and share some moments with lady gaga and last not least vlive of BTS after Grammys and they cheer up army and console each other.

BTS at Grammy and their performance –

BTS Grammy performance last night was the highest ranking performance from that night, in total BTS ranked as the 13th greatest Grammy performance of all time by Rolling Stone, its giving main character energy.

BTS give James wand character energy in to their performance which they were here to entering in the museum and Jin was the one who lead them and hacking.

Billboard’s 2022 Grammy Performances Ranking: #1

BTS dodged neon-blue lasers during a sleek choreography sequence & transformed the whole Grammys stage into a secret agent headquarters, proving that their creativity is equally as impressive as their musical talent.

 Some of BTS hd photo of performance

Jungkook charms while hanging from ceiling

People Magazine lists BTS performance as one of “The Best Moments From the 2022 Grammy Awards” and highlighted Jungkook descending from the ceiling as one of the key moments of the performance.

French news magazine, Paris Match highlights Jungkook arrived by air for BTS- Butter performance at the Grammy Awards as a moment on the stage that caused a sensation.

BTS” V, Olivia Rodrigo and ear-beating performance … BBC selection “Grammy’s best moment

UK media BBC has selected the scene where #BTSV transformed into James Bond and whispered to Olivia Rodrigo as if seducing her as one of the “Best Moments of the 64th Grammy Awards.” The scene also emerged as one of the hottest topic of the evening.

Jin injured hand :

How Fans praise Seokjin-

With a still painful, injured hand, & staying as low-key as he could, he had this magical effect. ONLY JIN can do that BTS is No. 1 for the Grammy’s!
Jin is: No. 1 for March
No. 4 for #GRAMMYs
The Jin effect.
Sitting down for most of their performance, & with a bandaged-up injured hand – still powerful!

Taehyung being Taehyung social butterfly of the BTS :

Kim taehyung, the king of social butterfly. He got all those musicians wrapped around his fingers. He meet lady gaga and hugged her which is he tell about in the vilve.

🐻: i greeted lady gaga and she said she really likes us and supports us a
🐿:hey you’re truly a social butterfly
🐱: truly a social butterfly

And a most stupid issue-

V spotted smoking backstage and that upsetting army. Knet call people sensitive over V’s smoking picture “pitiful”. Yep it’s not illegal to smoking an adult but people and hater see is as big issue and Army are angry on that this pic click without V permission and his consent it’s really disrespect towards his privacy.

BTS Vlive :

After Grammy performance BTS throw the Vlive that Army and BTS can spend some time and although they were disappointed fro not winnnig Grammy but they all are cheers up and said it’s nothing we just want meet our army and that melt Army heart 💜

Namjoon said- “it’s a fact that we’re not happy but i think it’s good to be honest about how we feel. We can just be sad for today and feel better tomorrow, it’s all good”

Racism is everywhere
It’s not Frist time that an Asian troll their lots of incidence. BTS also a victim of this specially Taehyung. It was very unnecessary and racist to put Covid-19 signs over Taehyung literally just vibing to the music. You are not kids, grow up.

Forget this they always do “Perhaps just to be in trend or for limelight” but let’s focus about something good. Good news for Indian BTS Army. BTS met AR Rahman sir. Yes they really met Rahman Sir. It was enthralling to see the amazing musicians , AR Rahman sir and his son AR AMEEN and BTS interact at the GRAMMYs . ARMY must be really happy to see this. Will there be an upcoming collaboration? We look forward to it!

But this Grammy performance was only possible because boys are so professional!! Jin is injured .. Hobi just flew 2 days before Grammy .. Golden Maknae JK was not well due to covid.. so many hurdles still they delivered.. so proud of them.


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