Is BTS coming India 2022? “BTS are coming this year and list is already released their is name of India in the list”. “India became first country after pandemic that the concert held in Asian country, concert held in Narendra Modi stadium because its largest stadium in the world”

Their is many articles like this are going on the social media and Google platforms that attracting Armies attention and it make us believe that BTS might held concert in India and last year BTS clearly said they want to come India or they are really excited to meet BTS Indian Army’s that’s the time when Indian Armys are on 7th cloud.

If BTS coming India the BTS Army of India gonna crazy of this and we can say if concert held here it gonna be in Mumbai or Delhi but Gujarat also have potential that BTS can held their concert that because of the biggest stadium of world. BTS also announce that they gonna do concert or world tour . Of course India is second number in butter songs stream and their are huge fan base of Army and BTS also said they eagerly waiting to meet Indian Armys in their interviews.

As we know As revealed in the report, a new places was added to the Permission to dance on stage tour. On February 22nd, BIG HIT announced that there will be four shows in Las Vegas, United States, and these will held in April. The musical show will be livestreamed online where ARMY from other places will also be able to enjoy the concert.

 List not yet released  but their is possibility of they listed India but I think it’s big “No” India may have to wait lil BTS not gonna do any concerts in India this year 2022.

The reason is Hybe still haven’t confirmed or give any hints that BTS coming India. But don’t need to be sad coz who might know the future what will happen nd why its possible that BTS can come to BTS bcoz there is lots of little movements that BTS showing their interest in India this enlighten Hopes in the Indian Army’s heart’ that one day surely BTS will come India and that day Desi Army would be on seven cloud and sure to enough that Indian are known as loud and festive country it’s really gonna be like festival when BTS will be here.

But we still say don’t trust unknown sources nd wait for the official announcement perhaps this we want will happen coz the chances are high though this time! So let’s see what will be happened.

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