Y/N: Hey guys I’m y/n and I’m 22 years old and a BTS FF writer but for this FF I’m a character. Don’t get confused, this FF writer made me like that hehe…and I’m a BTS army and Jungkook biased but a OT7 too and ofcourse being a JK biased so I mostly write my FF on JK. oh ok my intro is enough for you.

Park Jimin: Hey Army I’m Park Jimin (nam to suna hoga, army ko to pta hi hoga haha..) well in this FF, writer made me myself so no Mafia, no CEO, no Professor. Yeah that’s great being “PARK JIMIN” is the best but to good to handle right army haha…ok I also have to go for my practice bye army.

(Y/N is sitting in her room and writing her oneshot ending)

Y/N: So at the end Jimin and y/n become best friends and JK and y/n Happily married. Yes finally it’s completed.(she typed it on her laptop and sighed in relief).

Y/N’s Mom: Hey big girl do you wanna late for collage again. Come down rn or you gonna miss the bus again (her mom shouted from downstairs).

Y/N: Coming Mom but first I have to post it… and done lets go to collage (she posted it and went to collage).

At BIGHIT Studio

(Everyone was practicing but now they are resting a bit JK took out his phone and he got notification about Y/N’s new FF yes he read Y/N’s FF with his fake ID he loved her FF and after he read it)

Jungkook: HAHA yahhh JIMINSHIIIII… look who got the girl again(He smirk to Jimin and show him his phone) I think when you will have a GF in real perhaps she will also come to me in the end (he laughed out lungs).

Jimin: Yahhhh u coconut head this is how you talk to your hyung (and he throw his shoes on Jk’s head)

Jungkook: Haha Namjoon hyung look at his face he got furious (he pointed to Jimin)

Jimin: Yahhh shut up kook.

Namjoon: Ok guys lets eat something.. lets go.

Jin: And I’ll sleep after that (said in a tired tone).

Taehung: Hey Hyung when you got Suga hyung syndrome (he make fun of Jin).

Suga: Aishhhh shut up Tae or u also want my shoe on your head (he said in a rough tone).

Jhope: yahh you both stobb it (he was drinking water).

Taehyung: Woo now hobi hyung got Jin hyung syndrome (Jk and Tae laughed together)

Jin: Heyyy Tae STOPPPP IT.

Namjoon: Aishhh lets go.

Jimin: You guys go I’ll come in a bit (holding jk’s phone in his hand).

Jimin’s Mind: Wae Wae she always made me 2nd lead who don’t have the girl (He read her FF then an idea popped in his mind he made fake ID like JK and commented on her FF) *Hey author why you hate jimin this much why you always made him 2nd lead* (then he waited for her reply and go to his hyungs)

(Y/N saw the comment at free time and she become nervous after read this bcos she is bit conscious about her personality always got worried if someone thinks about her wrong)

Y/N’s mind: How could he says this (Then she replied to him) *Hello I don’t know why You thinks so but I’m OT7 why do I hate Jimin I love them all and about him being 2nd lead so this is Jungkook FF obviously he got the girl then what u want from me send JK to jail or make him y/n brother in end *

(Then Jimin got the reply so he again reply) *When I said that about Jk huh? I only want to know why you always make jimin 2nd lead forget it I don’t want to fight in comments talk to me personally* (Then he shared his fake SNS ID to chat with her)

(First she was scared to talk because she don’t talk to strangers and also don’t want to reveal her ID to someone but she decided to talk because she want to clear his misunderstanding after some talk they clear everything and become friends Jimin got to know that she is a nice person Y/N also came to know that she can trust this guy ofcourse she don’t know who is he yet in some days they chat regularly Jimin share his problems with her and she also)

One day when Jimin had a fight with Suga and was upset and didn’t talk to him. He shared it with Y/N and he messaged her)

Jimin: Hey Y/N your elder sibling is like this too? not listen to you and scold you badly (He told her about his fight with his hyung not in right way or saying names).

Y/N: So in all this, was it your mistake too?

Jimin: aaaa… yes a bit. but why he doesn’t understand me too why do I have to explain everything.

Y/N: Hey sometimes words need for express not every time you expect to others to understand you and you also have to understand him it’s just a misunderstanding go talk to him.

Jimin: Ok I know you are right butttt…..

Y/N: what but huhh go and talk to him and say sorry you won’t get small if you accept your mistake.

Jimin’s Mind: How she know I am SMOL did she knows who I am.. ahhh Jiminie pabo.

(After one month of chatting Jimin realize that he has fallen for her)

Author pov: Wooo lucky girl look who has fallen for you PARK JIMINNNNN aishhh so jealous of you rn hhhhh..

(but don’t know about her feelings he wants to tell her and truth about his identity he try to video call her but she is not ready for this so he try to tell her he send Y/N his pics so she will know who he is)

Jimin: hey Y/N you haven’t seen me so now I’m telling you about my real ID (He messaged)

Y/N’s Mind: JIMIN PARK JIMIN why he sending me Jimin’s pics.

Y/N: hey why you send me Jimin pics my gallery is already full of BTS pics. (Like every army had)

Jimin: No its me.

Y/N: Oh so you are Park Jimin then I’m Hwasa (she said in a sarcastic way)(hey shippers note for you author is fan of hwasa nothing relate to jimin & hwasa)

Jimin’s Mind’:(Woo Park Jimin what a nice idea to send her photo of yours Jiminie Pabo) yahh it’s really me video call me so you’ll know.

Y/N: ya ya I’ll call you when I’ll be free from my concert Pabooo bye.

Jimin’s Mind: aishhhhh this girl.

(After this jimin got to know that they having their next concert where Y/N lives so he decide to meet her and tell her everything)

Author pov: Oh I forget to tell you consider your country/city by your own I didn’t mention it hehe..

(Jimin was so excited so he message to Y/N)

Jimin: Hey Y/N I am coming there and want to meet you.

Y/N:*she became nervous she think what he will think about her when he meet so she denied* oh sorry but I can’t meet you.

Jimin: whattt why.

Y/N: mmm just… can’t sorry.

Jimin: I don’t know anything I’m coming and I’ll meet you

(Y/N became nervous about it after that she didn’t reply to Jimin she was scared if she meet him what if he know about her feelings yes she loves him too although she haven’t seen him but you know loves doesn’t have a face it’s a feeling which you’ll realize when you fallen for someone but she doesn’t know what he feels what if he don’t like her she’ll not handle it because she didn’t ever fall for anyone before so she don’t want to meet him)

(then the day come of concert Jimin is anxious because Y/N ignoring him and he thinks she don’t like him but he want to meet her and want to tell her about his feelings don’t care if its his first or last time and he has told everything to other members and they support him too)

Jimin:* wating for the check in on airport and he is nervous and talking to his hyung* Hyung she is not talking to me what should I do how will I tell her maybe she don’t like me.

Namjoon: Hey bro listen maybe she have other points try to think like her and be positive always if she loves you she will be yours if not try to move heaven to earth you won’t have her but atleast try don’t loose hope.

Jhope: Yes I’m here what you want (He said while laughing)

Namjoon: ohh Hyung no….. Jin hyung is enough for jokes ( dad’s jokes)

Jungkook: Hey Jiminshiii remember that she is Jungkook biased means me so maybe when she meet me she we also choose me not you like in her FF (he laughed nonstop)

Jimin: *throw his bag on him and yell* yahhhh you banana milk don’t you dare to see my Y/N and when she become my gf I will only let you meet to her only two times first on our wedding 2nd when she was in hospital giving birth my baby.

Jungkook: Woowoo furious mochi planed alot. (he teased him)

Jimin: Yes she loves me and if not I’ll try until to make her fallen for me too.

Jungkook: Go for it HYUNG I am supporting you (then he hugged jimin)

Jimin: Thankyou and I’ll make sure when me and Y/N having our quality time together, you’ll do babysitting of our babies (hugged him back and giggle)

Jimin’s Mind: Hyung is right I have to try (then he record a video where he confess his feeling to her and yes she can see who he is he also told her that he is Park Jimin and everything about how he start and now he likes her no actually love her) hope she will see and talk to me.

(Then they take their flight and reached to the destination Jimin was waiting for her reply but his heart break into pieces when he checked that Y/N watched the video but didn’t reply he become hopeless. Other came and buoy up him but there is no use)

(On the other hand Y/N got the video and first she was shocked but also happy that the person she was talking since long and she likes is THE PARK JIMIN)

Y/N’s Mind: (having tears in her eyes) Oh god what have I done in my life that I got him Jimin loves me THE PARK JIMIN Loves me AHHHHHHHHHHHH… *you can hear her internal screaming if not try to think of yourself and now scream how it feels haha…* now what should I do should I tell him about my feelings that I also love him I’ll tell him *she grab the phone from under the bed what she throw when she was screaming*

Y/N: *typing him but she paused when she came to her sense and thought that its not right with her teary eyes she think* NO NO NO I can’t I can’t love him I have no right I’m a normal girl I can’t deserve him although he loves me but I’m a army I want the best girl for BTS. Jimin I’m sorry but I don’t deserve a guy like you. *then she blocked him fall on the floor and cried badly*

Author’s Pov: whattt u think I’m pabo to make Y/N like this? Hey what will u do if you got a situation like this yeah yeah I know who gonna reject Jimin I mean it’s a sin but what to do maturity made me like thik.

(Two hours before concert when Jimin was sobbing thinking about Y/N the other members appear)

Jin: Yahhh Jiminaaa stop being a cry baby you know what I don’t think you love her.

Jimin: WTH hyung I love her I love her soo much…. how can you say this (he shouted).

Jin: How can I say this?..mmm (scoffed to him) look at yourself crying, only know that she didn’t reply your confession video… (he came towards his face and close to ear and said) if you really love her so you would find her talk to her why she don’t love you back, find the answer.. not like this just sobbing like a lonely street cat.

Jimin: but hyung how I talk to her I told you she blocked me.

Jin: Aishhhh….(then he called Mr. Bang Si-hyuk tell him about Jimin story and requesting him about something. Bang Si- hyuk first deny it but after Jin’s pleading he agreed) (you all want to know what he want permission for? let’s see).

Jimin: hyung thankyou soooo much for this idea you are the best hyung when my first baby come I’ll name him yours (hugged him and squeezed his cheeks)

Jin: Yaahhhh… you idiot only I’m the world wide handsome and remain.

Jimin: yes hyung you are..( shyly rubbing his neck from back and said) but me and Y/N baby will be the most handsome.

(after sometime Y/N got a notification in her phone and when she opened it she was in shocked)

Y/N: what the hellllllllllll Jimin (shockingly covering her mouth with her hands)

(She saw Jimin Vlive notification on her phone where Jimin was confessing his love towards her ufffff how romantic isn’t?)

Jimin’s Vlive: Hey my angel where are you.. yes army calls me angel but you are my angel my precious angel…. plz talk to me I want to talk to you want to tell what I feels for you… Hey Army help me guys plz tell her that I LOVE HER SO MUCH plz plz angel I know what I did to you was wrong Plz give a chance to make you believe that what you to me and how I become your fan and FALLEN FOR YOU. Saranghaeyo with my whole heart angel. plz come to concert and meet me I’m waiting for you if you not come I’ll wait for you my whole life.

(After see this Y/N can’t think anything what to do.. should she go? or not? whatttt! what you all thinking hhh if you were Y/N what you do. After thinking for an hour she made her decision and she went to sleep.. HAHAHA just joking of course she go to the concert how can she deny that fact that she also love him even if he was not Park Jimin she would love him and now his confession made her courageous about it)

At concert

(BTS were performing at stage but Jimin’s eyes was only searching for Y/N and he felt disappointed when he didn’t seen her at last then they all said good bye to Army and went to backstage but Jimin stayed hoping to see Y/N but she was not there and with a sad smile he also went but at backstage he saw a girl who were fighting with the guards to let her in. Jimin can’t see her face because the guard were picking her up to get out her and Jimin thought she was an army then that girl saw Jimin and shout)

???/: Yahhh.. you Park Jimin how could you let your angel treating like this.

Jimin: Y/N ?? (he shouted in shock and run towards her)

Y/N: Then whom you are waiting for (she shouted)

Jimin: you came you came is it a dream or you really came (he hugged her)

Y/N: I come for my love (hugged him back)

Jimin: You come for me? thank you soo much ( release the hug then all BTS members come)

Y/N: No I come for my Kookie (she cutely said looking at Jungkook)

Jungkook: Ohhh Y/N you came…Look Jiminshiiii she come for me I told you (give Jimin a smirk)

Jimin: (glaze to Jungkook then Y/N and said) what!! you come for him not me? why you love him this much (having tears in his eyes) why in your every FF jungkook get the girl not me why whyyy?

Y/N: Because Jimin got her Y/N in real life whose name is Angel Jimin’s angel (shyly looked at Jimin and said) Hey Park Jimin maybe army wouldn’t accept me but I’ll try my best to be good enough for you. will you be the love of my life.

Jimin: (picked her up in his arms) you don’t need to do anything I love the way what you are and you don’t need to asked because THIS IDOL ALREADY FALLEN FOR YOU. I LOVE YOU Y/N… be my life?

Y/N: (she kissed his cheek) YES I’ll… I Love you too Jimin (then he put down)

Jin: Hey Y/N when you write your next will you make me Mafia I also want to be Mafia not a doctor and fed of being a doctor in FF I don’t know why army likes me in doctor’s role (everyone laughed on this)

Jungkook: Hey hyung she writes FF on me mostly she likes me (proudly smirk to Jimin) so eventually I’ll get the girl.

Jimin: Yahhh you coconut head how many times I have to tell you I wouldn’t let you meet her… from today you only will meet her on our wedding day….

Jungkook: yeah yeahh I know and after that 2nd time in hospital when will be giving birth to your child (rolled his eyes)

Y/N: (widening her eyes) whattttt Jimin how could you say this to him

Jimin: (pulled her close) what do you mean by how can I (wisper in her ears) I’ll do ‘that’ in future then that’s obvious that will happen.

Y/N face turned in a tomato and Jimin smirked… he said all this this slow that everyone heard it when he looked at others everyone giggled at what he said)