Y/N: Hey guys I’m y/n and I’m 22 years old and a BTS FF writer but for this FF I’m a character. Don’t get confused, this FF writer made me like that hehe…and I’m a BTS army and Jungkook biased but a OT7 too and ofcourse being a JK biased so I mostly write my FF on JK. oh ok my intro is enough for you.

Park Jimin: Hey Army I’m Park Jimin (nam to suna hi hoga, army ko to pta hi hoga haha..) well in this FF, writer made me myself so no Mafia, no CEO, no Professor. Yeah that’s great being “PARK JIMIN” is the best but too good to handle right army…ok I also have to go for my practice bye army.

So here’s the Intro of your and Jimin now the story summery is about a FF writer which is you (Y/N). But lucky girl Jungkook also read your FF and Jimin talk to u and how he fallen for you that’s the story about. Isn’t is dream yeah I know that’s why its a FF (poor us) but we can live this imagination so if u want to live this dream watch the FF.

Let us know how it is in comments give us feedback so that help us for our future works. You can watch this FF on our Youtube channel. Subscribe our after you read the FF when you really like it. The link is here👇.

Idol Fallen for a FF writer [Jimin FF]

Hope you all are safe in this Corona period. Stay healty stay safe. Enjoy your free time with our posts and FF and also study hard.

Saranghaeyo Army 💜💜


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