“Bangtan Over Flowers” [2/2] in this you will know whose FF is this. So change the Title from Unknown FF to….. read it first you will know then. In the last part you will see BTS bond their love for each other and Y/N’s develop feelings for someone. And who is TXT “Huening Kai” fans plz don’t curse me after see his role in the story. I’m a TXT fan too and Huening Kai is my favorite so I made a role for him. But in a negative character so those who don’t like it plz don’t hate me. I want someone good for negative role that’s why I choose him. So plz read the FF.

There you will see Jimin’s maturity, Jungkook’s confession, Jin loyalty, Suga sincerity, BTS brother bond. I tried my best to fill every emotion of them in this. Like they are in real life. So read it and like I always says “Enjoy the imagination but live in reality”. You can watch this FF in our Youtube channel. Video Link is in here👇.

“Bangtan Over Flowers” [2/2] (Unknown FF) (Enjoy your School/College Life with BTS) [Two Shots]

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